When we look at our World today and it's people...
From TV, Social Media, Smartphones, Computers, and The Relationships we have with Ourselves and Each Other. Most of us are looking outside of Our Self for answers. The Wisdom Keepers and Elders of Traditional Knowledge would say that we have lost our Natural Way of Living and the connection to our True Self, Planet Earth, and Each Other.

There would come a time when the Keepers of the Wisdoms of the World, The Ancient Stories, The Cultural Rituals and Ceremonies,The Legends, and The Inter-Connection to The World and it's People, would be needed to restore us back to Balance.

The Wisdom Keepers say..

These ways would be mankind's' key to survival. There would come a day of great awakening and the Peacemakers would be called. These people would be called "The Rainbow Warriors!"

We are in this time now!

Our philosophy
"The Rainbow Warrior Society's Philosophy is to help guide People to the Inner Light that is with inside their Own Heart Through Meditation, Traditional Yoga, Shamanism, Esoteric Wisdom, and Mindful Living. We are honored that you found your way here. Our hope is that we can help you see The Inner Light of your Heart that has always has been their. By the events and services we offer in Our Community, and give you enough straight, guidance, and support to share it within our World."

Namaste Sat Nam

Bruce Whitewolf founder of the Rainbow Warrior Society

                    The Rainbow Warrior Society