"When we incarnated and merged with our Body and Soul on this planet we received many Gifts.

However many of us do not understand or know our Soul's Purpose in this lifetime.

This mission of Gifts Of The Soul is to help guide People to the Inner Light that is with inside their Own Self Through Meditation, Traditional Yoga, Shamanism, Esoteric Wisdom, and Mindful Living. There is no coincidence that you found your way here. Our hope is that we can help you see The Gifts of your Soul that has always has been their. By the events and services we offer in Our Community, and give you enough straight, guidance, and support to share it within our World."

Remember this, there is no one else like you and the world needs you even more then ever now!"

Bruce Whitewolf 9/14/20 6:37pm

Welcome Home

Formerly known as The Rainbow Warrior Society

      Gifts Of The Soul