About Our Community


We as a people have been out of touch with our Soul, Earth, and Spirituality for many years, and are not living our Soul's True Purpose here on Earth. The Elders would say we have lost our Sacred Ways and our connection to Mother Earth! We are now in a time for Spiritual Renewal. When we let go of Fear, The Past, Daily Sufferings, Self Doubt, Daily Roadblocks, and put our trust in Creator, we become open to our Soul's True Purpose and Connect with our Divine Power.

Our Community will help you re-gain your Spiritual Connection to your Higher Self, Your True Calling, our Mother Earth, and Creator, through living your life in a Sacred Way.


We blend Shamanism, Ancient Wisdom, and Indigenous Traditions from all Cultures within our Community to re-gian our Spiritual Connection here on Earth, Ourselves, and Our Community.


We understand that there are many ways to get to the same place and be one with Creator and this is a personal journey, no one can tell you what way you must take. The only thing they can do is show you the many paths to get there!


Our Community offers Ceremonies, Gatherings, Personal One on One Healing Sessions, Spiritual Mentoring, Sacred Trips, Teaching Circles, and many other events to bring you back to the True Essence of Yourself and re-gain your connection with your Soul, your Higher Self, Sacred Community, and Creator!


Our Society is also about giving a Sacred Place and a Community for the Wisdom Keepers of this Knowledge to Share, Teach, Learn Together, and Offer Ceremonies.


For more information about our Community feel free to browse our website or contact us anytime through E-mail, Facebook under Bruce Whitewolf, and Phone.


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It is an honor that you have found us, Namaste Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Sat Nam, Blessings to you and your family!

Spread Your Wings And Soar!!!