Our Founder Bruce Whitewolf 

Blessings All My Relations,

My name is Bruce Whitewolf and my bloodline is Russian/Siberian on my dad's side and Irish on my Mother's side. When we look at Shamanism and Ancient Wisdom, we can find our Healers, Shamans, and Medicine People in every place of the World!!!

I follow the Prophecy of The Rainbow Warrior. I believe we as a People need to return back to The Ancient Ways to return balance to The Earth and it's People, and we can learn so much from The Wisdom Keepers and Elders of This World! 

I have been Spiritual all my life and work in many "Traditional Ways" and blend Core Shamanism in my work and my teachings. I'm a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Tradition, Part of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and also teach Meditation and Yoga Philosophy in many diffrent traditions. I have Many Elders, Teachers, and Wisdom Keepers that I work with as well as my own guides. I honor and share the many Spiritual Paths and Ancient Wisdoms of this World and continue to learn and grow daily.

"We must remember that the Spiritual Journey is a Personal Journey of the Soul. No one can tell you what path to take, they only can guide you on your way and the Journey is your's to follow!"
Bruce Whitewolf

The Healing Work I Offer

One-On-One Shamanic Healing, Animal and Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Energy Work/Sacred Shamanic Massage, Sacred Sound/Dreamtime Healing, Charka Clearing,Opening, and Balancing, Meditation and Breath Work, Yoga Philosophy and Practice, Chanting, Community Shamanic Healing, House Blessings/Clearing, Help with Lost and Trapped Souls, Spirit Attachments, Trauma Releasing, Plant and Sacred Food Consultations, Community Gatherings and Ceremonies. 

Meditation and Breath Work

Finding our breath and stillness can heal and solve a lot of our suffering for ourselve and the World. Bruce Whitewolf is now offering Breath and Meditation Gatherings two times a week in the Rockforrd area and also offering one-on-one sessions. He combines Yoga, Chanting, Shamanic, Breath Work, Buddhist Mindfulness, and Stillness Practices. For more information, to come to our weekly gatherings, or to set up a one-on-one session please contact him at 815-566-1525 or e-mail at Bruce@RainbowWarriorSociety.com 

These sessions and teachings are offered one-on-one, in a Heart Centered Community Setting, and even online through Skype!

Bruce Whitewolf  "Sound Healing Dreamtime Sessions"

Our Ancestor's knew that Sound had a Magical Power and could help us Heal, Connect to Higher States of Consciousness, Connect to Our Spirit Guides, and help us find Inner Peace and Calmness.

As of July 2016 Bruce Whitewolf will be offering Community Dreamtime Sound Healing Gatherings and also One-On-One Sound Healing Sessions.
He Combines Many World and Dreamtime instruments. From Native American Flutes, Earth Gongs, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Shamanic Drums, and more. 

For more information about him and the healing work he does or to set up a Session with him, please contact him direct by phone or e-mail in a good and humble way!

More Information about Bruce Whitewolf
Being a Community Leader, Soul Healer, and Spiritual Mentor, I try my best to live by these rules...

"On a true spiritual path it is important to speak your heart and be a free spirit. This is not being selfish or walking with a Ego. This has taken me many years to learn, and I'm getting better at this everyday. But hiding, not living your life for yourself and your heart is not healthy. Once you start living this way and being a Free Spirit your whole world will change. If you walk this way in your life remember Compassion, Honesty, Being Humble, and Speaking Your Truth. One Elder told me the best teacher is your heart and soul and have the courage to speak your truth. Be the change in the world you want to see. To me this is true Enlightenment.

When I do ceremonies, gatherings, and one on one healing sessions, I always tell people that I feel most connected to Creator in The Ancient Shamanic Ways. There are so many paths that lead us to the same source. No matter if you are Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and so on we are all brothers and sisters. When spirituality and religion are practiced in the right way we all have the same common Practice, seeking one with Creator, finding peace in our life, and our Connection back to our True Self! I blend a lot of spirituality, religion, and customs. I always keep an open circle for people to share their ways, customs, and culture!

I feel over the years we have lost touch of what True Community is, Our Spirituality, Being in Touch with our True Self, and keeping Our connection with Mother Earth and Creator." 

This is what The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy means to me!"
Bruce Whitewolf Founder of The Rainbow Warrior Society

It is an honor to share my heart and soul with you
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Many blessings to you and your family