Bruce Whitewolf

has been on the path of a healer all his life. He is one that does not like labels. However one of his clients gave him the name Soul Healer. He would say "When you look at the path of a Healer/Shaman what do we do? We bring the Soul in alignment with the person or place that we work with." The title Soul Healer fits the work he does perfectly. He has walked and continues to walk in many paths and works directly with Traditional Wisdom Keepers. Currently Bruce Whitewolf's Mission is to bring more stillness, mindfulness, and peace in the World while blending Ancient Shamanic Esoteric and Yoga Philosophy and Wisdom.

Modalities He Works in:

Diversed in Native American Spirituality and Core Shamanism
Proud Member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Founder of The Rainbow Warrior Society
Diversed in Sound and Energy Healing
Teacher of Mindful Yoga and Meditation
Currently Studying Kundalini Yoga, Kirtan, Gurmukhi and Sanskrit, Vedic and Yoga Philosophy

One on One Sessions, Community Gatherings, Personal Ceremonies, and more
Bruce Whitewolf has been offering Community and Personal Services for over fifthteen years. For more information about him, to ask questions, to set up a Community Gathering, or a Personal One-on-One Session with him. Please reach him at or phone at 815-566-1525. If you receive his voice mail leave a message and he will return your call within 24 hours.

Sat Nam