"Fall Into Your Life" Community  New Moon Cacao Ceremony

"Fall Into Your Life” Cacao and Community Ceremony
New Moon of September 28th 2019
Saturday-Sunday 2:00pm-1:00am
Optional Lodging available

New Moon, New You, New Community, New Life!

In Traditional Ways the Energy of Fall Equinox is a time to go inward and Let Fall what doesn't serve us anymore. Like the leaves of a Autumn Tree falling back into Mother Earth. We also learn from the Trees, this is about surrendering in all that comes in and out of our life.

The masters would say “We are not the doers the Creator is, and Surrender everything to The Great Creation of Life.”

low of our Gathering...

2:00pm-4:00pm Settle In Sacred Space & Healing Circle
Our Sacred Space will be opened at 2:00pm. Come and enjoy nature on our grounds, meditate, chant, or share space with others in our Healing Circle.

4:00pm-6:00pm - Ayurvedic Dinner

Enjoy an Amazing Dinner prepared by Bruce Whitewolf, Jennifer Jaguar Moon, and our Community that will enhance our Ceremony and our Connection with Grandmother Cacao.

6:00pm-12:00am- Sacred Cacao Ceremony

We will start in a Sharing Circle Setting our Intentions, Move into Some Light Yoga, Meditation, and Chatting, with a Special Ganesha and Shiva Ceremony to move more deeply into our space. Then we will be guided into the Journey of Grandma Cacao with sharing, self-reflection, and a “Dream Time” Sound Journey Experience.

12:00am-1:00am- Special Kali Closing Fire Ceremony

Location of Event “Rockford IL”

One of the goals of The Rainbow Warrior Society is to provide amazing places to gather at for ceremony. We now have found an other beautiful spot in Rockford and can not wait for you to enjoy our Temple Together!!!

We have accommodations to hold up to 7-10 people. If you would like to enjoy and stay overnight please contact us for more details.

New Cost and Registration Info!!!
We feel that our Cacao Ceremony should be shared with everyone. 

After sitting with Spirit we have decided to lower our costs to allow more people to attend.

We also have a policy of never turning anyone away!!!

We hope the below New Cost Structure allows you to partake in this gathering.

If you still would like to attend and have a financial hardship with the asking donation to cover our costs.

Please still contact us, we will do whatever we can to allow you to attend the event

We also have work exchanges and other payment options available, just reach out to us directly.

Asking Donation to cover our costs of Gathering will now be $99.00 a person 
Help us build a strong community and register with a friend and the total cost for both of you will only be $169
Lodging will be an additional cost based on your needs please contact us for more info...

We can take Cash, PayPal, Checks, and Credit Cards

In order to hold this gathering we need to have 5 people registered by 9/14/19
Please share with your friends, family, colleague, and anyone that can benefit from our ceremony  

Healing Circle Share
from 2pm-4pm we will hold a healing share. If you would like to offer healing at this time, please contact Bruce Whitewolf. You will be able to charge $1.00 a minute and half of what you receive will go back to The Rainbow Warrior Society's Community

Work Exchange

As you know it takes a dedicated community to put these gatherings together. If you would like to help, please reach out to Bruce or Jen. For helping you will receive a discount off of this gathering. Work Exchange spaces are limited. So please contact us as you know you would like to be part of our Warrior Team Helpers.

To Register
Please call us direct at 815-566-1525 if you receive our voice mail. Leave a message and one of us will return your call

For More information about our community and other events

please visit our website at www.RainbowWarriorSocietey.com Facebook @ Bruce Whitewolf or Share Some Love by Calling us at 815-566-1525

Namaste Sat Nam
We look forward to a Life Changing Experience with you all!!!

Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon
Facebook @ Bruce Whitewolf
Office # 815-566-1525

Sat Nam