Spring Solstice Cacao Ceremony
                                     March 23rd-24th 2019
                     Current Gathering Location Rockford IL


Some Information on Cacao
When we first think of Cacao our Western Minds think of Chocolate. However Traditional Cacao is so much different and is called The food of the Gods and is a Plant Medicine.

Cacao has been used for thousands of years by Traditional South American People and The Maya
and is about 5,400 years old. This can be proven from pottery found at Ancient Sites.

With our Current World and It's People moving faster and faster and being guided and controlled by Media and Materialism. We have lost touch with our Soul, Nature, Each Other, and Our World.

From the moment you connect with Grandmother Cacao you will feel your Heart Expand, a Greater Understanding of Yourself, and Cacao will guide you into a process of letting go of what no longer is needed in your life and aligning you with your True Self.

“To me there is no stronger and safer medicine that is so needed on the face of our Planet right now. Cacao will help us bring love, understanding, communication, and our True Self back into alignment with our World and It's People.”
Bruce Whitewolf

Flow of our Cacao Ceremony
All of our Cacao Ceremonies for right now will be over night Ceremonies. To me this is the best way to experience Cacao, Ceremony, Healing, Aligning with your True Self, and Sharing in a Heart Centered Community.

We will start our night gathering together around 5pm and Ceremony will start when we see the first star of the evening.

Our gathering will start with a Opening Ceremony to Connect with the Power of Cacao, Our Community, and Set our Intentions for Ceremony.

You will be guided into space with Sacred Sound Mantras, Chanting & Singing, Personal Community Sharing and Healing, Self-Reflection Time, Shamanic Journeying, and a Special Dream Time Ceremony.

We end Ceremony with greeting the morning sun, thanking the Spirit of Cacao, and a reflection sharing circle, while enjoying a morning feast together.

Why come to a Cacao Ceremony?
Open and Align your Heart Charka
Deepen Your Shamanic Journeying and Connection with Spirit
Open High Dimensions of Consciousness
Overcoming and working with Blockages in your life
Connecting with your Higher and True Self
Allowing yourself to Heal your Whole Body not just your Head
Feeling Inter-Connected with All That is
Growing in a Stronger Connection to Creativity
and SO Much More...

To Register and for more information

After Sitting with Spirit we have decided to reduce the cost for our Cacao Ceremony.

It is extremely important for us to gather in community for healing, sharing, connecting, holding supportive space, and of course sharing the Power of this Beautiful Medicine.

The New Cost of the Gathering is $75.00 a person!!!

We also will be offering Work Exchanges and Friends and Family Discounts.

If you are called to attend this gathering and have any financial hardships, please contact us. We will do whatever we can to allow all that are called to this gathering attend.

Our hope is that we can build a strong healing circle/community that is so needed in the World right now.

We have done a lot of planning to create the perfect overnight environments for our community.

We take cash, checks, paypal, credit cards, and also have other payments options.

Our last ceremony became full very fast, please do not wait until that last minute to register. Because of popularity, spacing for our community, and gathering during Spring Solstice.

Our next Ceremony will be held during a powerful time of the year Spring Solstice!!!
Current Gathering will be held in Rockford IL

To Register contact us anytime from 11am-8pm at 815-566-1525 if you get our voice mail leave a message and one of us will return your call.

Have questions or other concerns about ceremony e-mail or reach out to us anytime.

Personal One-On-One Ceremonies and Community Hosting

Can't make this gathering, would like to host your own Community Ceremony, or work with Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon One-on-One in your own Ceremony please contact us for a Custom Personal Experience.

Office # 815-566-1525

We hope to see you in the power of Cacao and Love!!!

Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon

And a Little Cacao