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Kirtan Kriya Teaching Doc

It is now even more important then ever to share our gifts, talents, skills, and resources with each other and the World.
This page on our site will be a page for teachings, local resources, and a way to connect stronger in our community.We are keeping this site strong from donations from people like you and our friends that are sharing on this page.

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Meditation and Yoga Resources from Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon with the Rainbow Warrior Society

Many people have asked for some of our Yoga & Meditation Teachings from our current Monday Night "Just Meditate" Gatherings. Below you will find some links that will take you to our gatherings for March and April. Please be kind to us, the first couple of videos we where learning a new system with GoToMeeting We hope you enjoy

March 23rd First Virtual Meditation Gathering  click here for  video 
March 30th The Power of Sound and Mantra click here for video
April 6th Chakra & Peace Meditation click here for video
April 13th The Gift of Time click here for video
April 20th Awakened in Stillness click here for video
Special Earth Day Activation Meditation and Satsang click here for video

Most of us have a crazy monkey mind, stress, and find from time to time that we are full of anxiety. One of the best and easiest practices to do is either Kirtan Kriya or Cross Heart Kriya. Below you will find a couple of documents that will teach you these practices. Both of these practices will allow your body, mind, and spirit to find balance and relax.

This is a great practice for Elders and Kids so please share with them.

Kirtan Study Doc 

Cool Youtube Video to follow along with click here 

Cross Heart Practice 

Ong Sung Wahe Guru Mantra Teaching 

is an honor that we can share these teachings with our community we will post some more info soon. Jen and Myself also offer One-on-One Personal Teachings of these practices and others. For April and May we are offering these at Pay What You Can Pricing. Please reach out to us for more info. at the above contct information.

We give so much thanks and honor to Yogi Bhajan for his wisdom and our teachers that are keeping him and his teachings alive Wahe Guru Sat Nam