Current Gatherings for The Rainbow Warrior Society

Please see our current gatherings below and for more info click on the gatherings link We hope to see you soon!!!



On Going Monday Night Meditation Gathering Click here for more info.
22nd  DreamTime A Sacred Sound Experience Click here for more info
31st New Years Kirtan Event Contact us for more info.

On Going Monday Night Meditation Gathering Click here for more info.
19th & 20th New Year's Healing Ceremony Click here for more info.
26th Shamanic Drum Making Gathering Click here for more info.

Other Gatherings in the Works
Community Sacred Trips
Shift Meetings
Healers for Healers Share
Food Gatherings/Earth Provides All
Community Sharing Night
Sound/Chant/Sacred Music Gatherings
Art Sharing and Teaching Gatherings
And we are working on some other new ideas...

We want to hear from you, what would you like us to host? Or could you put on a gathering for our community? Our Society is based on helping our Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and Community to get in touch with thier gifts and share them with the World. Please let us know how we can support your journey!!!

Many people think they don't have the power to make a change in this world or know where to start. Our community is a place where we all can grow together and support each other. Please join us at one of our gathering and talk to us about your journey and share your talents with us. What good is our talents if we don't share them with the World. The World needs all of us!