Shamanic Community Drum Circle Jams

                          New Drum Jam & Shamanic Meet Up Starting Soon 

                       Also check out our drum making gathering click here for more info
                      And Also our Moon Gatherings Click here for more info

In Shamanic and Native American Traditions, the Drum is our Heartbeat and the access point to our connection to our Higher Self and Our Connection with the Spirit World. The Drum and Rattle is the most Sacred, Common, and respected tools of The Shaman and Native American People.

Come connect with our Sacred Drumming Circle. Every time we gather the energy and circle will be diffrent because each of our Soul and Spirit in each of us is diffrent.

From free Jamming, Sharing, Songs, Stories, and Teachings, Healing, and Prayer, we are all one in the Circle

We are currently working on putting together a Shamanic Meet Up and Drum Jam Circle

This will be a place we can come and support each other on the Shamanic Journey and the work we are called to do.

From time to time we will hold Shamanic Journeys and Healing Circles and also have time to have a Nice Drum/Dance Jam Together.

Our first gathering should be announced soon

Please Contact Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon at 815-566-1525 if this is something you are interested in and may even like to host a Journey or Drum/Dance Jam with us


Come share your heartbeat with us

One Breath, One, Soul, One Spirit, All Connected