The Healing Drum Making Experience

                 Start the New Year off right with going on your own drum journey

                                      with Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon

                    Next Gathering January 29th held in Rockford IL

Can't make this date please contact us. We offer drum making One-on-One, For Groups, and Other Events, We also hold gatherings about every three months!                                                        

Some information about the Drum                            

When we look at all the Cultures of the World, we all have a Drum, Dance, and Song. In Shamanic Traditions the Drum and Rattle is the most Sacred and wide used with Medicine People/Shamans. It is our access point to the World of our True Self/Soul, Spirit, The Cosmos or Shamanic Worlds, and Our Heartbeat.

In Shamanic Traditions World Wide the drum and rattle are the first sounds of Creation and our Heart Beat. Think about when you where born what was the first sound you heard, Your Mother's Heart Beat? Just hearing the sound of the drum provides healing to our Mind, Body, and Spirit. Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon have guided many people in the Healing Drum Journey.

“With working with the drum, it teaches us stillness, control, and about our own life. The drum is a Circle and so we also live in a Circle!”
Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon

Flow of our Gathering
We start our day honoring the Animals and Trees that we use to make our drums by going on a Shamanic Journey to these Animals, Trees, and Our Self. Then we work together as one collective making our drums and are guided by Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon as they share wisdom and guide us into our own life while making our drum.

After Drum making we share a Community Talking Circle and Ceremony followed by a Community Potluck. This is a great way to get to know your Helping Spirits, Your Community, build a deeper connection with Yourself, and honor your heart.

Everyone can make a drum from young to old. We just have to slow down and go within to master this craft!

Cost of Drum Making and how to Register

We use different Animal Hides and Materials for making our drums. Costs range from $150.00-400.00 for gatherings per person. Do to our timing, materials, space, and the sacredness of this gathering. There is a "NO REFUND POLICY"! However we hosts drum gatherings often and also make drums with people one-on-one. So if you have an unforeseen circumstance you will be able to attend our next gathering.

Please contact us direct to register at 815-566-1525, ask questions, and be guided to the right drum for you.
We do take cash, check, PayPal, and Credit Cards.

Would you like to receive a discount on our Drum Gatherings!!!

Would you like to save some money on this gathering. Register with a friend and receive a $25.00 discount!!!
We also will have Special Discounts for Attending Multiple Gatherings with us!!!

Our gatherings do fill up fast so please make sure to contact us as soon as you can to register and confirm your space.

Everyone will need to be registed by January 19th 2019!!!

How to Choose a Drum

We work with 7 different types of hides Deer, Buffalo, Elk, Moose, Horse, Cow, and sometimes Bear. In Native American and Shamanic Traditions these Animals are our Brothers and Sisters and we Respect the trees and animals that give their life for our drums and hold a speical ceremony for them. Also in many traditions all parts of the Animals are used. For more info about this please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions.

Sound of Drums...

All of our Drums have a great sound and we usually guide people into making 15 and 18 inch drums. We can get smaller and larger and we also work with Elders and Teachers that are from Siberia and make Pow Wow Drums too.

Think this way when choosing your drum, the Thicker the Hide the Deeper The Sound and the bigger the Animal. Deer is a nice drum but a smaller animal and thinner hide. Also the size of the drum of corse makes a diffrence. But a 15 inch Buffalo Drum will sound Deeper then a 18 inch Deer.

You might also have a Spiritual Connect to one of these Animals. From working with Tradition people each person will have thier own understanding of their Power Animal or Guide. Two Shamans may work with a Horse but work with the energy in diffrent ways. For more info about this please contact us. Below we have included some basics about each animal but we can guide you to the right choice for you by talking with us and will be glade to do so.

Cow- connects us to Mother Gaia, Fertility, Birth, Nurturing Energy

Buffalo- Connection to White Buffalo Calf Woman and our Ancestors, Abundance, Prayer, Walking a Sacred Way, harmony, Strength

Horse- The Power to change anything, freedom, understanding, family, awareness, and responsibility

Moose- Stop listening to others and make your own choices, strength within ones self

Elk- Community, Long and stedy helps you reach your goals, empowerment

Deer- Love, Understanding, slowing down before we move, and go easy on ones self and others

Bear- Being strong and saying no when you have to, confidence, patience, and authority, connection to the dream world


Can't make the above dates, would you like to Host us, Or have a One-On-One Drum Making Experience

Would you like to host your own drum making gathering?

This is great way to build community, birthday parties, team building, groups, and other speical events.

Best of all, for hosting us your cost for drums will be lowered. You might even be able to receive a free or lower cost drum for yourself and others by hosting us. Cost of these gatherings are always based on how many attending, type of hides, size of drum, and travel time.

Also we are now offering many of our teachings and services one-on-one

We do need to have advance notice for one on-one drum making or personal community events

We also offer other gatherings and Group Ceremonies. Feel free to contact us or browse our website on what we can offer your Group, Community, Yourself or Family. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

The Rainbow Warrior Society Wolf & Jaguar Drums
E Mail:
Local Number: 815-566-1525
The Drum is a Circle, The Moon is a Circle, and So are We!!!!

Just like our own Soul we are all diffrent, these are some backs of drums that people made with us.

A couple of our last drum gatherings