Shamanic Native American Hand Drum Making

                                 Next Gathering February 24th in Gurnee IL

When we look at all the Cultures of the World, we all have a Drum, Dance, and Song. In Shamanic Traditions. The Drum and Rattle is the most Sacred and wide used with Medicine People/Shamans. It is our access point to the World of our True Self/Soul, Spirit, and The Cosmos or Shamanic Worlds.

In Indigenous Traditions World Wide the drum and rattle are the first sounds of Creation and our Heart Beat. Think about when you where born what is the first sound you heard, Your Mother's Heart Beat? Just hearing the sound of the drum provides healing to our Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon have made over a hundred drums for people and love leading drum making gatherings.

“With working with the drum, it teaches us stillness, control, and about our own life. The drum is a Circle and so we also live in a Circle!”
Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon

Flow of our Gathering
We start our day honoring the Animals and Trees that we use to make our drum by going on a Shamanic Journey to these Animals, Trees, and Our self. Then we work together as one collective making our drums and are guided by Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon as they talk and guide us into our own life while making our drum.

After Drum Making we share a Community Talking Circle and Ceremony followed by a Community Potluck. This is a great way to get to know your Helping Spirits, Your Community, and build a deeper connection with Yourself.

Everyone can make a drum from young to old. We just have to slow down and go within to master this craft!

Cost of Drum Making

We use different Animal Hides and Materials. Drum Making Gathering costs are based on how many people will be attending, type of Animal Hides, Sizes, and Materials used.

We can do one-on-one drum making too.

If you are hosting a gathering cost may be lowered based on how many people will be attending this gathering.

Would you like us to come to you, your family, or group, we would love too.

Please contact us direct to learn more about this gathering and our pricing

For our February gathering everyone will need to pay and register by February 10th and we do take cash, check, and credit cards

We also offer Drum Circle Gatherings and Awakening Ceremonies

The Rainbow Warrior Society Wolf & Jaguar Drums
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Local Number: 815-566-1525
The Drum is a Circle, The Moon is a Circle, and So are We!!!!


This gathering fills up fast so please contact us today to register and confirm your space and drum!!!

Picture of one of our drum making gatherings