When one meets Jennifer Jaguar Moon they can't help but fall in love with her gifting and caring heart. The passion she shares for the Animals, Land, and It's People, she well deserves and honors her name.

She has a very interesting path and Spirit has Initiated her with helping people cross over and are Lost/trapped in The Middle World. Her strongest initation was helping her dad cross over, and other friends and family.

As of October of 2016 she has become Bruce Whitewolf's Spiritual Partner and they both work side by side together honoring each other on thier path and thier work to restore balance to this Earth and all of Humanity.

Jennifer Jaguar Moon's Background

Helping people understand how to live a healthy life "Founder of Earth Provides All" which means to her everything we need can be found on our Earth if we know how to look and honor her.

Gifted Shamanic Energy Healer, and Intuitive Empath

and is always learning and honoring her calling from everyone she meets in all Worlds

She also has a strong calling to help Woman Stalk thier "Jaguar Power"

Currently studying Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda Wisdom

One On One Sessions
To reach Jennifer Jaguar Moon or to schedule a personal one-on-one session with her please reach her by calling 815-566-1525 if you receive the office's voice mail leave a message and she will return your call.

Jennifer Jaguar Moon

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo