Just Meditate

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As we look at our World today... 
Everything seems to be moving faster, and everyone keeps saying I don't have any time. When we go out to a restaurant, movie, and even concerts, everyone is glued to their phone. Suicide, Mental Illness, Depression, and Stress Related Illnesses are at an All Time High!

You Ask, How Can We Change This?
Slow Down, Find Your Breath, Take Time For Yourself, And

"Just Meditate"

Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon are bringing a new program locally to Rockford and the Surronding Areas called Just Meditate. Bruce Whitewolf has been offering Meditation and Spiritual gatherings in the Illionis and Wisconsin area for over Fifteen Years. He has been practicing Mindful Meditation all his life. He says, "when we look at Mental Illness, Stress, Depression, and Other Illnesses, if we can just Find Our Breath and Slow Down we can Heal and Put a Stop to A Lot of These Issues, If Not All!"

Our Program
Every Monday Night Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon hold a weekly meditation gathering in the Rockford IL area. We gather from 6:30pm-8:30pm with sharing a Guided Meditation, Sacred Satsang Discussion, and Community Tea and Snack Time. 

All Are Welcome from Young to Old

Once a Month we will hold a Special Meditation/Yoga Gathering with hosting diffrents Teachers that will be sharing Diffrent Mindful Practices. These gatherings will be held in different locations in Rockford and the Surronding Areas. Our intention is to build a Local and Global Community for Meditation, Yoga, and Spirituality, while bringing more Peace and Mindfulness in our World.

We ask for your help and Donations
All Just Meditate Gatherings will be offered by Free Will Donations Only.We ask that you support our community by providing a Free Will Donation. This will allow us to support our teachers and offer our programs for everyone. You can donate to us by placing your donation in our Singing Bowl. Just click on the link below in the Singing Bowl, you also can mail donations too, Bruce Whitewolf PO Box 8261 Rockford IL 61126 Here is also our Donation Link for Paypal 

Weekly Monday Night Gathering Held 

From 6:30pm-8:30pm
The Baha'i Center of Rockford
1650 N. Alpine Road
Rockford IL 61107

Monthly "Just Meditate" Gatherings 

Next Location to be determined soon

Host a "Just Meditate" Event
From Schools, Community Groups, The Elderly, Veterans, and Ourselves. Everyone can benefit from Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Practice, and Sacred Community.

The foundation of "Just Meditate" is to bring these practices into our Local Community and The World. By doing this not only are we creating more caring relationships, peace, and understanding in these communities. But we also are sending a strong ripple effect that will benefit all and our World.

For more information about how we can bring a specialized program to your group that fits your needs please contact Bruce Whitewolf or Jennifer Jaguar Moon via e-mail at Bruce@RainbowWarriorSociety.com or phone @ 815-566-1525 if you receive or voice mail leave a message and one of us will return your call.

Live Streaming Events Soon

At our next monthly Just Meditate Gathering we will try our best to live stream the event so everyone that is intrested in our Community can stay connected!

Namaste Sat Nam 

We thank you for your support and hope to see you soon 

Slow Down, Find Your Breath, Take Time For Yourself, and "Just Meditate"


Sat Nam