Medicine Sweat Lodge Ceremony

                                       Next Ceremony Date to be Confirmed Soon

                     Currently we host Community Ceremonies every three months  

When you look at the many cultures of the world there are many type of Sweat Lodges or Baths. The Mayan have a Sweat House, The Japanese have a Mushi-Buro Sento, The Russians have a Banya, The Finnish have a Sauna, The Africans have a Sifutu, The Islamic have a Hamman, and The Native North Americans have the Sweat Lodge. Our Ancestors knew the benefits of the Medicine Lodge and still use these Ancient Ceremonies today. 

When one comes to our Medicine Lodge Ceremony they are healing their Mind, Body, and Spirit, and connecting to Nature, Creator, One's Spirit Guides, and their True Self. In many of the Indigenous teachings, when one enters the Medicine Lodge they are entering the Womb of Mother Earth and when they come out of Ceremony one is reborn.

Bruce Whitewolf has done many lodge ceremonies with Traditional Elders and understands traditions and protocals. However he pours ceremony in Core Shamanism and combines the Shamanic Traditions of The World. He also believes in The Rainbow Warrior Prophecies.  The Spiritual Journey is a personal one with many paths to take, and in Ceremony creates a place without Ego that everyone is welcome no matter what Spiritual way they walk. Our Community also believes that Spirit is our Best Teacher.

To attend our Ceremony everyone will need to call Bruce Whitewolf direct  at 1-815-566-1525 to register and he will tell you how to prepare and go over protocal for our Ceremony.

We  ask for a donation of $60.00 for attending ceremony. Many of our Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and even Bruce Whitewolf have devoted thier life to thier spiritual path. This donation helps with supplies, our caretakers, and our Ceremony Conductors. 

If you have any financial hardships, please contact us direct we will not turn anyone away!!!

 We are in need of some helpers for with set up and take down if you would like to help please contact us

All of our lodge ceremonies have been full. To confirm your space please call us to register

Please do not attempt to do a lodge ceremony without being personally trained by an Elder! This is not only for respect of The Sacred Ceremony. But also for your safety and others!!! I'm posting a link for you to see what can happen when people do not respect this Ceremony!

Here is a couple writings about our Medicine Lodge Ceremony!!!