Midwest Yoga & Kirtan Fest and Vison Quest Ceremony
                   With The Rainbow Warrior Society

Walking the Path of Shamanism and Spiritual Pratice one understands the importance of Devotion, Ceremony, Stillness, Mindfulness, and the importance of Community.

For the longest time our community has been longing for a Kirtan and Yoga Festival in the Midwest and it is Finally Here.

The Rainbow Warrior Society will be offering “Seva” for this gathering and bringing like minded people together to share their gifts within this festival.

This Gathering will be from September 20th Thursday – Saturday 22nd

On Sunday the 23rd we will be offering a Vision Quest Silent Retreat Experince to close out this Gathering

What is The Midwest Yoga & Kirtan Festival...
Is a homegrown festival in the works.
This is a new breed of chantfest co-created by artists, teachers, and YOU to bring the heart-opening bhava to the Midwest.
This is a festival for the people, by the people.

It honors the wallahs, musicians, and teachers who nourish our souls and gives back to our Community and our World.

There will be many yoga teachers, Spiritual Guides, Healers, and Kirtan Musicans.

Find a helping hand here and go further in your yoga and spiritual journey. Try new styles of Yoga, connect with new people, and deepen your practice!
Sing your heart out with some of the best Kirtan wallahs from around the Midwest, across the U.S and internationally! Find new music and make new friends!

Would you like to attend this gathering and give Seva?
Please contact Bruce Whitewolf at 815-566-1525 for more info. about this gathering, and also our Sunday Vision Quest Ceremony.

If you would like to vend or are a healer thier are some spots available to do so please contact us for more info.

Location of Event
Divine Mother Productions presents Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest Thurs, Sept 20th - Sat, 22nd 2018 Jefferson County Fairgrounds Jefferson, WI

Sunday Vision Quest Location will be given to those attending on Sunday!!!