Please join us for a Full Moon Day of The Dead Celebration

                                                      Hosted by Luna Datura's Curious Gifts
                                                           The Rainbow Warrior Society

Come join us on October 24th For a Special Day of The Dead Full Moon Celebration

From 6:00pm-8:00pm at Luna Datura's Curious Gifts

We are right around the time of Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos “The Day of The Dead”

During this time in many traditions of the World, it is said this is a time when the veil is thin for connecting to our Ancestor's and The Spirit World.

Bruce Whitewolf will guide us into Ceremony to remember our Ancestor's that have past over to the Spirit World and guide us into a Shamanic Sound Journey to Re-Connect with Them and The Spirit World, using Traditional Purivan Whistling Flutes. This is an extremely rare opportunity to journey and meditation with these ancient sound tools.

Please bring a Picture of a deceased family member and if possible a small object from that person to help you connect and remember them. Bring a cushion or pillow to sit on, we will also have some chairs for those that need them!!! 

Bruce Whitewolf is a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Q'ero Inka Tradition and also is a carrier of The Peruvian Whistling Flutes. Some Elders and Teachers would Say the flutes heal and balance our Chakras “Bands of Power” Allows us to connect deeper to the Spirit World, and when all eight flutes are played together we can connection with The Spirit of The Hummingbird that teaches us about Family, Community, and Love

How to Attend This Gathering
Cost of this gathering will be $15.00 a person Ceremony will be from 6-8pm
Please come early if you would like to shop or stay later after Ceremony. 
Doors will be closed from 6pm-8pm for Ceremony Please be on time and respect this Sacred Ceremony.

We do have limited Space so we ask you to register by contacting Bruce Whitewolf Direct at 815-566-1525
If you get our voice mail leave a message and someone will return your call

We can take cash, credit, and checks for all gatherings!!!

Location is

117 S. 3rd Street in Rockford IL Next to Irish Rose. Please park in the parking lot across the street from the store thank you!!!

As always are gatherings are open to all, feel free to share our Facebook Page, Our Website, and Post on your Social Media, we thank you for your support!!!