One on One Sessions & Community Services

"Our mission is to remind people that we are all Inter-Connected, and we each have individual unique gifts. Having a One-On-One Session with us, will bring you into alignment with the light that shines within you and your True Nature. Combining Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Living, Energy Work, and Shamanic Esoteric Wisdom."

Why and When should you Schedule a Session with us?
You feel lost and need direction
You would like to have a daily spiritual practice or take your practice to the next level
You would like to understand the True Nature of Meditation, Yoga, and Mindful Living
You would like to find your Spirit Guides or have a stronger connection to them
You feel you are not connected with your True Nature and would like to Let Go of or Bring New Energy Into your Life

Community Gaterhings and Services
For over 20 years Bruce Whitewolf and The Rainbow Warrior Society has been offering One-on-One Services and Community Gatherings. 

Some of the services we offer are...
Community Meditation/Yoga, Drum Circles and Sound Healing, Drum Making, Community Shamanic Journeying, and Community Ceremonies, just to name a few.

We have worked with all ages from Elders to Young Ones, and Many different families and Communities. For more information please contact us direct. We will be happy to speak with you on how we can customize the perfect gathering for your needs.

The Rainbow Warrior Society
Local Office # 815-566-1525