The Path of The Heart
            New Shamanic Teaching Circle
             Intro to Shamanism Gatherings

              Next Intro to Shamanism Gathering Held October 20th
     Next Overnight Weekend Teaching Circle Held November 10th & 11th 

       Lead by Bruce Whitewolf & Assisting Jennifer Jaguar Moon

About Bruce Whitewolf
Bruce Whitewolf is a carrier of The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, has been walking the path of a Core Shaman all his life, he has worked and continues to be part of teachings and ceremonies with Traditional Wisdom Keepers, is a Member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, has been teaching, offering healing and ceremonies for over fifteen years, guides people on the journey of making their own drum, offers community meditation gatherings, provides one-on-one healing and spiritual coaching and is always learning and teaching what he has learned on his Spiritual Journey that is never ending. For more information about him and the works he does feel free to browse this website, his facebook page Bruce Whitewolf, or contact him vai phone from 11am-7pm @ 815-566-1525 or e mail him at 

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Our Circle
When we look at the Shamanic Path, the Shaman is the one who guides the person back to their True Self and thier True Heart and by doing so returns the person, or place back to balance. 

In Shamanic Work we often ask the question what are you passionate about, or do you know your gifts? It saddens us how many people can't answer this question or don't even know where to look, and their are many reasons as to why.

Our Circle will combine Yoga, Meditation, Indigenous/Native American, and Core Shamanism Practices and Philosophies to help you connect with your True Self, Discover your Gifts, Heal, and Offer Service that will return Mind, Body, and Spirit Balance back to Yourself and This World.

We now are offering two types of Shamanic Teaching Gatherings

A four hour Intro to Shamanism Workshop which we will share

What is shamanism and how is it used in all Peoples of the World
The importance of opening and closing space in a sacred and protective way
Meditation Tools and Technics to enhance your life and your connection to the Spirit World
What are Power/Totem Animals, Helping Spirits and how to connect and work with them
Understanding the Shamanic Worlds and The Shamanic Journey
How to work with a Drum & Rattle in Shamanic Practices
Open Question and Answer Talking Circle on Shamanism
An Opportunity to be part of a Shamanistic Community, Ceremonies, Teachings Circles, And More

This gathering is for those that are new to shamanism. Do not have the time to come to our full weekend gathering. Would like to brush up on their skills while meeting new people that are walking the path or have an interest in shamanism.

Currently we Travel all over to offer our Shamanic Teaching Circles.

Next Gathering will be held October 20th 2018
Our next gathering will be held in the Rockford IL or Beloit WI area on October 20th 2018 from 3pm-7pm

Cost for this four hour gathering is $75.00 a person and if you register with a friend both of you will receive a $15.00 discount and only pay $60.00 a person. This allows us to welcome all that are interested in learning and walking the path of Core Shamanism

To register or for more information contact us at 815-566-1525 from 11am-8pm and if you get our voice mail leave a message one of us will return your call.

We can take Checks, Cash, Paypal, and Credit Cards for this gathering

Advanced Shamanic Teaching Circle Weekends
In our advanced workshops you will have the opportunity to have a full weekend gathering from Saturday to Sunday. This will allow our Circle to do deeper work and share more teachings.

The flow of this gathering is in the form of The Medicine Wheel and Seasons.

We have just finished the direction of the South “which is about Love, Family, and Community.”

We will gather again for a full weekend gathering on November 10th-11th for the direction of the West. “Which is about Healing, Letting Go, and The Dream World”

In order to attend these Advance teaching you will have to attend our Intro to Shamanism Gathering!!!

In this gathering we will be sharing
The different types of Shamanic Work and Healing and also experiencing them
Making a stronger connection to our Power Animals and Helping Spirits and how to work with them
Understanding and working in “The Dream World”
Understanding of The Medicine Wheel and Sacred Plants and how to work with them

The Power of Chant, Dance, and Singing
Creating our own Alter/Mesa/Medicine Bundle
Understanding and Making our Own Shamanic Tools
Understanding Power and Energy
Working with the Power of Nature
You will also have the opportunity to be part of Traditional Ceremonies, Teachings, Travel and Work with Traditional Wisdom Keepers and Elders
these are just some of the things we will be sharing for this weekend

Cost of the weekend gathering which will  include lodging will be $300.00 per each weekend. If you register by October 10th cost will only be $250.00 and if you have taken Our Introduction to Shamanism gathering cost will be $225.00

Would you like to save more money register with a friend and receive an other $25.00 off per this gathering.

Please register as soon as you can to confirm your spot we have been known to fill up fast!!!

We can take Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal, and Also Offer Work Exchanges and Payment Plans for those that need them!

All will need to register by November 1st and to take part of our early bird discount registered by October 10th.

Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or to register by calling 815-566-1525 from 11am-7pm. If you get our voice mail leave a message and someone will return your call.

We will gather again for a full weekend in

Winter “Embracing our Ancestors” Jan or Feb
Spring “The Shamanic Initiation” March or April


Skype and One-On-One Teaching Sessions

Can't make the dates of these gatherings, are on a budget, or too fair to travel. Bruce Whitewolf offers one on one teachings, healing, and other work. Please contact him direct for more info.

Do you have a group or would be interested in hosting Bruce Whitewolf 
We have worked with Reiki Masters, Community Leaders, Boy and Girl Scouts, Nursing Homes, Spiritual Centers, and Other Communities. Please contact us for more info and we love meeting new people and traveling to new places. You can reach us by e-mail at or Phone at 815-566-1525 from 11am-7pm and if you get our voice mail leave a message