Intro to Shamanism & Beyond
           October 19th 2019 from 10:00am-6:00pm
                  Held at Relax4Life Barrington IL

Intro to Shamanism & Beyond will give you a basic understanding of the principles and practices of core shamanism as it’s practiced around the world.

Intro to Shamanism & Beyond will teach you:
What shamanism is and how it’s used.
The importance of opening and closing space in a sacred and protective way.
Meditation/Kundalini Yoga tools and techniques to enhance your life, quiet your mind, and safely open your connection to the spirit world.
What power animals and totems are and how to connect and work with them to benefit yourself and others.
How to understand the three shamanic worlds.
The journeying process (the core practice of shamans worldwide).
How to work with a drum, rattle and other tools to enhance shamanic practices.
The importance of singing, dancing and ritual in these practices.
And much more…

Intro to Shamanism &
Beyond will enrich the beginning shaman student as well those more seasoned in this ancient knowledge and practice.

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You can also earn 7 CEUs Credits for this workshop

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