Succesful Help in Finding Truth

Gathering Currently on Hold

Copywrite @ Bruce Whitewolf 3/8/2018

Namaste and Blessings Friend,

The Rainbow Warrior Society's mission has always been to bring people together to help each other understanding our Truth, our Connection to The Divine, and Build Sacred Community that honors all.

Succesful Help in Finding Truth

Will be a place we can all come together to share our talents, passions, and find support.

Our goals is not just to talk about Change but to make a difference in ourselves first, our local community, and the World.

The State of our life is how we look at it, which could be good or bad.

Just like a bad TV show we can change the channel.

It starts with us to find peace in our own life. We do that for our own self and the rest of the World will Vibrate in Peace.

If the above statements resonate with you please join us on

(Gathering on Hold Currently) from 1pm-4pm at K'Nyaw Thai Kitchen 1137 Broadway Rockford IL
Please contact us to RSVP by phone at 815-566-1525
Gathering will be donation only to cover the cost of the food we will be sharing!!!

We will start our meeting in Meditation
Share some great Thai Food
Have a Talking and Sharing Circle on how we all can come together to support each other in one Collective Consciousness

We look forward to an amazing gathering together,

Bruce Whitewolf and Jennifer Jaguar Moon of The Rainbow Warrior Society
Local # 815-566-1525
E Mail:
Facebook: Bruce Whitewolf