The Rainbow Warrior Society Street Team


Namaste and Blessings Friend,

Do you have a calling to Shamanism, Yoga, Native American Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and like to serve people?

The Rainbow Warrior Society is looking for people to be part our our street team and also share their talents with our community.

Bruce Whitewolf has been in the Rockford IL community for over 15 years and it's time to unite our fires with our local community and the World.

Being a Member of our Street Team

You will help with marketing and raising awareness about our society within our local and global community

Help with Ceremonies, Gatherings, and Other Events

Share your Talents within our Community

Be part of our circle and the Wisdom Keepers we work with.

Help with Fund-Raising and our Wisdom Gatherings

For being part of our street team you will be able to travel with us and receive discounts for gatherings, ceremonies, and other events.

For more information on how to be part of our community or Street Team please contact us by phone from 11am-8pm . If you get our voice mail leave a message and we will return your call.

Thank you for your support!!!

One Heart, One Mind, One Breath, All Connected


The Rainbow Warrior Society

Bruce Whitewolf &  Jennifer Jaguar Moon

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Phon # 815-566-1525