When we incarnated and merged with our Body and Soul on this planet we received many Gifts.
However many of us do not understand or know our Soul's Purpose in this lifetime.

The Flow of our Yoga Gathering's is to guide you into a Heighted Awareness that will align you with your True Nature and The Gifts Of Your Soul.   

The Yoga we share, pracice, and live by, is Traditional Yoga which comes from Vedic Traditonal Wisdom, Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and most important Karma Yoga.

What to Expect at one of our Yoga Gathering's
Our Gatherings are a two hour experince of Heighted Awarenss of your Mind, Body, and Spirit and we work with all Ten Bodies.
The Experince starts with Checking In with ourselves, Tuning In, Bhakti Practice (Kirtan/Mantra) , Kriyas (Kundalini Practices) , and Ending in Deep Meditation and Community Satsang  (Yoga Philosphy and Technology Sharing) .

If you are looking for a deeper Yoga Experince that will change your life and a True Yoga Community these gatherings are for you! 

Your Guides for the Experince will be Bruce Whitewolf & Jennifer Jaguar Moon.

For more information about each of them please click on thier Bios below or contact the Yoga Studio or them direct.

Bruce Whitewolf's Bio 

Jennifer Jaguar Moon's Bio

How to attend our next weekly gathering
Gatherings will be help at Peace Massage and Yoga in Belvidere IL every Wednesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm
6:00pm-6:20pm (Settle In)
6:30pm-8:00pm (Yoga Experince)
8:00pm-8:30pm (Tea and Community Time)

Special Pricing for the month of October and Punch Cards available

In Person Pricing
First Time In Person gatherers $10.00 to check our experince out
$20.00 Drop Ins or RSVP
5 Punch Gathering Card $75.00 ($15.00 a gathering) please call to purchase online link will be up soon

10 Punch Gathering Card $100.00 ($10.00 a gathering) please call to purchase online link will be up soon
Refer or bring a friend and receive a One Time Free Gathering Card

LiveStream Our Events On Zoom
Drop ins or RSVP $10.00
5 Punch Gathering Card $40.00 ($8.00 a gathering)
10 Punch Gathering Card $50.00 ($5.00 a gathering)
Refer a friend and receive a One Time Free Gathering Card for in person or online
* Please make sure you call at least 2 hours before gathering's to receive your login ID to attend our Online Streaming Gatherings!

Pricing will change on November 1st 2020 

We can take cash, checks, credit cards, and app payments!!!

Seva and Hardship Program
We understand that many people in our community are going through financial hardships do to Covid 19 or other reasons at this time. We also feel that everyone should be able to have access to Spiritual Community, Healing Food, and Good Health and Wellness for thier families. If you or someone you know would like to attend these gatherings and can not afford the cost of each gathering. Please have them contact us via e-mail at Bruce@RainbowWarriorSociety.com or Phone at 815-566-1525 to discuss our Seva and Hardship Programs. Our Promise to our Community is never to turn anyone away that is in need. When we go through these hardships we need these services even more and this is our Seva.

RSVP & Covid 19 Policy
We have a huge Yoga and Meditation Space. However do to Covid 19 Policy we ask all to RSVP by calling us direct at 815-566-1525 or the Yoga Studio. We may not be able to take Walk Ins. We also ask everyone to wear a Mask until you take your seat in our space together!

What to bring with you
If you would like please bring a journal/pen, money for donation and our Retail Space, water or drink bottle, we will also have some for you, meditation cushion, pillow, blanket, or yoga mat if you would like to sit on the floor. We will also have chairs and meditation cushions set up. Dress in meditation clothing or be comfortable. Most importantly bring a open heart and clear mind.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us anytime we like hearing from our community.

We could not have made this event possible without our amazing Teachers. We honor and thank  you for your open hearts of knowledge, wisdom, and leadership.
Wahe Guru Namaste Sat Nam 


Gifts Of The Soul

                            Traditional Yoga
                Not Your Average Yoga Class

                        Every Wednesday Starting October 7th 2020 held at Peace Massage and Yoga
                   And Don't Forget about Our Monday "Just Meditate" gatherings more info can be found by
clicking this link