Vision Quest Ceremony and Silent Retreat Gatherings done for the Season

However please visit our page on our January Healing Ceremony by clicking here 

Join Bruce Whitewolf, Jennifer Jaguar Woman, and The Rainbow Warrior Society on a Path of Self Discovery!!!

"If one wants to commune with Spirit and your True Self, return to Nature!"

What is a Vision Quest?

There are times in our life when we feel lost, have questions, are going through some difficult experiences, or just want to get back in touch with our True Self and the Creator. This is the time we spend in Nature and commune with Ourselves, Creator, and the Spirit World.

On a Vision Quest, One will find a secluded space in nature not to be disturbed accept by the Elements.

Before one goes out to this place they will be purified in the Medicine/Sweat Lodge. The person will spend 3-4 days in nature fasting sometimes less and sometimes more. They are looking to communicate with ones True Self, Nature, and the Spirit World.

This can be a very powerful and hard experience for oneself. That is why you often hear this ceremony called "Crying for a Vision."

In Native and Shamanic traditions one will have dreams or visions of Animals and Spirit Guides. When they come back from their Sacred Space they will share what they experienced with community and get some insight on where their life is taking them. They may also receive a Spiritual Name based on their vision.

In Indigenous and Shamanic Tradition The Medicine Person would go to a Sacred Place for days and commune with Creator on how to heal a person or problems the tribal community has. Today in our modern world this tradition is still alive!


All our welcome to this ceremony, feel free to share this gathering with your friends and family