What is Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest Spiritual Practice know to man, it is not a religion even though some people might think so.
It is a way of life and Healing Practice that honors the Earth and it's People.

Most people believe Shamanism and the First people came from Siberia or The Aborigines from Australia. But as we learn and discover more with technology we still wonder who where the "First People?"

The Word Shaman means, The Wise One or The One Who Knows.

The Shaman does work with permission even when working with Souls/Spirits in the Spirit World.

My Definition of Shaman or Shamanism would be, The one that brings balance to the Soul and is able to walk between the Worlds.

A Shaman does not call himself a Shaman, by the work and healing they provide to thier Community and the People, The Community calls one a Shaman.

There are still Traditional People Practicing Shamanism in The World and there are still Wisdom Keepers on this Earth.

Every Culture on this Planet has a Shaman, Fire, Dance, Spiritual Language, Drum, and a Connection to the Earth.

"The Earth is a Circle, The Moon is a Circle, and We are a Circle, and Everything that was and is, has a place on The Circle!!!" Quote from one of my teachers